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  • In most cases, PvP gear can provide you resilience. But items pay a stat budget for resilience that is mostly useless in PvE.
  • However, this design makes some potential flaw. If a class is too defensive, or too destructive, at that time, resilience becomes unneseccary. But if it is easier to gain PvE weapons than PvP weapons on the same level, please ignore "not terrible".
  • Developers want to set two separately equipment classes of PvP gear and PvE gear. To be frank, they would not like someone to be leet in one aspect of the game to be rewarded with triumph over the other aspect. It is also ok to use your gladiator gear in a raid when you don't have probably gear.
  • Just saying no, you can't wear that suit in here feels a little heavy handed. It's confusing and arbitrary. It feels overly punishing to a player who has invested a lot of time and effort getting to be a gladiator to then tell them "but you have to wear blues into Ulduar because those purps you have don't cut it."

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